Hello and Welcome to my portfolio.  This is the section where you can learn a little bit about me!  I grew up in sunny Southern California in the small town of Rancho Cucamonga.  My main inspiration for photography came when at 13 I got my first film camera.  Some of my fondest memories of my childhood were going down to the one-hour photo up the street and getting all of my negatives back, along with the small 4x6 prints.  Over the years I strived to become better and better, taking more and more photos and learning new things.  To this day I still attend workshops and am always trying to better my work.  I am constantly inspired by the world around me and love to capture those special, perfect moments in time.  Whether it be out on a hike with my family, or photographing the biggest day in someone's life.  Every time I click the shutter I capture a moment, a memory. And that memory can be cherished forever, and to me... that is the most amazing thing I could ever offer to someone.  If you are looking for someone to capture your memories that you can pass on to all of your loved ones, contact me to book your shoot!  Thank you and have a wonderful day!